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Cut and Folded paper
"Paper is a world, practiced throughout the world, with a rich tradition. My artistic process has always included using a variety of papers be it for preliminary studies, an intended project or sculpture, figure gesture drawings, as a support for collage, or as surface enhancement and extension for terra cotta sculpture. I have used every kind of paper that seemed feasible; handmade, recycled, cardboard, manufactured, heavy weight, lightweight. Inevitably, the versatility of paper combined with my artistic sense of play and imagination led me to realize the next medium and processes I would engage in. From basic silhouette to three dimensions, narrative mystery and metaphor literally and figuratively unfold before the eye. I envision this process as a story to be continued and interconnected with my
other work."


  Adrift Installation CMFA 2008
Circus Silhouette
Kingdom Protista I
& II

Provincetown Christmas Card
Trapeze Silhouette
Woman's Wisdom
Nothing Up Her Sleeve