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I Dreamt I Was A FishI Dreamt I Was A Fish
The SirenTriton I
Whales TaleNymph
  "The Mixed Medium Sculptures
of the Aquatic Series speak
to the myth and sea lore of the world,
to the watery part of us all. Some of the
work is illustrative of actual sea lore
such as Sealskin/Soulskin, while others,
such as the Triton series, are personification
figures meaning they are hybrid sea
creatures embodying human characteristics.
The Aquatic Series traverses a range of emotion, movement, and content because
the heritage of ocean myth and lore
is so rich and imaginative."


  Ascending Sea Maid
I Dreamt I Was a Fish
Triton I
The Siren
Whale's Tale
Smiling Sea Nymph
Triton II
Tidal Bride's Maid
Nothing Up Her Sleeve
Triton IITidal Bride